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The Journey Towards Optimum Health

I am Lee Solstory, founder of Proactive Healthstyle. I coined the name of my business as a way to express a lifestyle that was more than just a practice of preventative medicine.

After years of being in the medical field as an RN I developed a chronic disease, namely multiple sclerosis. The prognosis was dire. My neurologist and family doctor had no doubt that I would be in a wheel chair within months; A wheel chair that I would never leave according to them. That prognosis didn’t fit with my plans.

With the help of some wonderful mentors and changes in lifestyle I changed the course of my life. I never needed a wheel chair and have managed to reverse the majority of the symptoms. I continue to learn and evolve in a healthy life-embracing clean healthstyle. This is what I call the proactive healthstyle

Whole-hearted Living with MS

My experience with Multiple Sclerosis officially began in 1998. I was diagnosed with an aggressive, progressive form of MS. The condition left me exhW
ly difficult. I lost all sense of where my body began. Unless I was actually looking at my hands and arms I had no idea of where they were.

At night I would soak through the linens with sweat. My symptoms were advancing rapidly. On the day that I could no longer tie my 2-year olds shoes due to lack of fine motor movement I burst into tears.

Doctors predicted a year before Multiple Sclerosis would confine me to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Exhausted I withdrew from the fullness of the life that my husband and I had created. At that time we lived on a 40’ sailboat in the idyllic waters of Vancouver Island. We ran a mother-ship kayaking eco-tourism business in the summer and in the winter months I worked as a Registered Nurse.

For me the prospect of not being able to hike mountains, sail across oceans and create artwork with my daughter was soul crushing. To have my thirst for adventure imprisoned was horrifying. As an RN I knew what to expect with conventional medicine and multiple sclerosis, an outcome that I was determined to avoid.

Thus began my journey. With the support of my family I dove into research and created my own course of treatment. The path I took included the designing of a diet that supported every aspect of my nutritional needs and excluded anything that was detrimental. A régime of; herbal teas and tinctures, a 5 month intensive course of acupuncture, Reiki, hours of meditation and prayer, removal of mercury fillings and heavy metal chelation. I band alcohol, caffeine, chocolate and sugar from my diet and supplemented with Vitamins C, D, E, selenium, antioxidants and mega doses of essential fatty acids.

Basically my treatment plan centered on cleansing my body, mind and spirit, and giving all of those aspects optimal support. In this way I set the stage to give ‘the healer within’ every advantage to become whole and well again.

After 8 months of intensive treatment and exploring alternatives, my health was once more vigorous. Contrary to Doctors’ predictions of sitting out life in a wheelchair, my family and I set sail and went cruising for three years in the South Pacific.

Blue water sailing with Lee at the helm.
When any of us first encounter a life altering state of health the first reaction is often one of fear and resistance; a battle ensues.

In retrospect, those encounters with significant illness mark a point of change that starts individual on a new path; a path with challenges and discoveries that reshapes your being, in short, the gift of a new richer perspective in life.

Going through the experience of acupuncture, a strict diet, conscious reflection and bodywork, I got to experience how my body responded on a daily basis. Knowing something on the experiential level is far more impactful than learning about it from a textbook.

This ‘language of the body’ revolutionized how I look at health care. The conventional means that I had spent years training in felt stagnant.

My gift, is coming to understand that we each have an inner healer, that our body’s own intelligence is the surest route back to wellness.

All of the homeostatic mechanisms that define life need to be supported. This is where wellness and prevention lay.

This journey has defined my purpose in life. I am a healer-teacher, and what being a healer-teacher means is that I help other’s to mobilize the healer within them.

Multiple – does not define my life. Occasionally symptoms still arise and its a message to look at what I’m doing. When I address the message the symptoms go away.

Lee studying herbalism with ‘Papa John’ a famed healer in the Cook Islands.
As an RN my role was one of intervention. I treated ‘patients’. I treated their bodies and manipulated with pharmaceuticals and surgery. The whole concept of supporting and empowering an individual in their healing is foreign to conventional medicine. I’ve gone from a place of power over another to a place of empowering others.

Lee with friends teaching the children of Fanning island basic dental care.
This is my gift. To begin to understand the synergy of our body- mind- spirit; to take my knowledge and research of three decades to empower others in creating their own proactive healthstyle. A healthstyle that I hope will lead you to your own healing and fill your life with vitality.

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'Business Opportunity'
includes the following:

• Delving into Essential Oils (Intro Classes)
• Medicine Cabinet Makeover
• Emotional Aromatherapy
• Travelling with Essential Oils
• Cleaning Green
• Supplements 101
• Cleansing to Reset your Body
• Essential Oils and the Work Place
• Cooking with Essential Oils

'Advanced Classes Series 1'
includes the following:

• Core Health (Gut Health)
• Adrenal Fatigue
• 30 Day Detox Cleanse & Restore
• Pain and Inflammation
• Incredible Bacteria & Essential Oils
• Wilderness First Aid

'Advanced Classes Series 2'
includes the following:

• How Essential Oils Work
• Living Beyond Cancer
• Living Beyond Depression
• Living Beyond Arthritis
• Living Beyond Colds & Flus
• Living Beyond Autoimmune Diseases
• Supplements 201

'Advanced Classes Series 3'
includes the following:

• Detoxify Skin Care
• Natural Beauty
• Balancing Hormones for Women
• Essential Oils for Emergency Preparedness

'Advanced Classes Series 4'
includes the following:

• Natural Weight Loss
• Natural Health for Pregnancy
• Natural Health for Babies
• Natural Health for Kids
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