Lifestyle Habits for Good or Bad!

We strive to live our idealized idea of a certain lifestyle. But we don’t always connect lifestyle with long-term health and vitality? Boiled down, lifestyle is a collection of habits. Things we do repeatedly on a daily basis. Some habits are good and some aren’t. All of them, however, influence our long-term health. That's good news. It means that we have control over what our relationship with chronic disease is likely to be.

Take the next 5 minutes and figure out what impact your habitual lifestyle actually has on you.Take out a piece of paper and a pencil. Divide it into two columns. Put a heading of health and vitality at the top of one column and chronic disease at the top of the other. Now analyze your day from the moment you wake up and list each of your habits in one of the columns.

Anything that is done beyond the point of moderation ends up in the chronic disease column…that includes overwork.

As a rule of thumb the must-haves in the health and vitality column are:

In the ‘chronic disease,’ column include everything that you know isn’t good for you and anything that is out of balance.

The other things that tend to be habitual in our lives are our moods. Do an honest evaluation of your normal emotion. Is it positive or negative? Put that in the appropriate column as well.

If your daily habits add up to Chronic Disease you can be pretty sure that is where you are heading. The next question is do you want to do anything about it?

Most of us are never going to be perfect, but if we can tip the balance in our favour we’re bound to lead a fuller, happier life


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