Conjunctivitis and Essential Oils

On a Sunday morning in 2013 my daughter awoke with her eye swollen shut. The conjunctiva, (the red part that lines the lid), was inflamed and irritated.

I had two choices, I could go to the nearest open clinic and wait to see a doctor and then find an open pharmacy to fill a prescription and give my daughter more antibiotics or I could utilize a lot of the natural practices that I promote. Being her eye I’m a bit cautious since eyesight is pretty darn important.

I started with a warm compress of dried chamomile flowers followed by applying essential oil of lavender around the eye, (not in it!). I followed that with a Reiki/reflexology session and the application of some melaleuca and lavender essential oils on her feet. By the end of the treatment, the swelling in her eye had reduced by 75%. The following morning it was completely resolved.

I’m really pleased with the results. Not only were we able to avoid driving around and spending our Sunday in Doctors offices we actually had bonding time and I didn’t have to resort to something that has negative side effects.

I am so pleased that I have doTERRA essential oils at home and that I'm ready for life's little emergencies.



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