Healthy by Choice.
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Inspired Health.

Choose the mind, body, spirit healthstyle with
mentoring & tools for the daily habits that
help you live your full potential.
Lets change the idea of what health is.

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The Proactive Healthstyle Challenge

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Whether struggling with a chronic illness or seeking ways to maximize your good health, living a Proactive Healthstyle will bring you a fuller, richer life with less exposure to harsh chemicals and products.

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Free Classes on Essential Oils & Holistic Health

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Lee offers various classes on Essential Oils and Holistic Health. From your own home, to online and public events, learn about Essential Oils, Holistic Health and non-toxic living




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Do you want to learn about holistic health and use healthy products, and be part of a community of like minded people? Do you want to develop friendships and see things happen? This is about building community, creating relationships and improving your life and the lives of others, both on a local and a global scale. Think of a new way of doing business where the real value is in healthy people and a healthy planet.
Think Personal Growth, Collaboration, Permaculture, Transition towns, Beyond Sustainability,…

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