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The Proactive Healthstyle

To change our health we first need to change our idea of what health is.

We limit our health potential. We limit it because we are conditioned to believe that health is an absense of illness. Although that is true, its only a very small part of the truth. Our health is so much more.

Our mainstream health culture has conditioned us with the belief that health is 'an absense of illness'.  And that is really tragic because we are dying from these beliefs. I have no doubt that you are frustrated by health issues. Most of us are, and we all have stories to tell.

We respond fearfully to the threats of cancer, infection & chronic disease. We get so engrossed in this fear based idea we forget to look up and see what the possibility of great health is.

The other idea we have about health in this society is that health is about our physical body. We even look at mental illness as a disruption of brain chemistry. Although we pay lip-service to being holistic, in truth we don't practice it at all.

Imagine the difference of how you live life if your fudamental belief is that health is the fulfillment of your full potential mind-body & spirit? 

For example let’s say your experiencing chronic lower back pain. Conventional wisdom would have you take pain killers and maybe even go for a massage or a chiropractic treatment.

In a holistic health-based model you’d reach deeper. Much deeper. What is the emotional connection? Where are you carrying stress in your body?  How are you using your body? What is your body saying to you? Are your needs being met?

In a holistic model you’d still take something to alleviate the immediate pain but you’d spend more energy on understanding what is underlying the physical manifestation of pain. And then you'd change. You'd change the underlying factors that contribute to your lower back pain because that lower back pain isn't normal.

When you get this curious about yourself you”re not only going to resolve the physical pain you’re going to do some emotional healing and get to know yourself better. You’ll probably release some limiting beliefs or discover some truths about yourself that you hadn’t brought to light before.

It is time to redefine how we see health. Let's move beyond prevention as our highest goal!

By redefining our belief of what health is, we automatically change our behaviour. One behaviour is fear-based, we are avoiding getting sick. The other is growth-based, we are actively pursuing our highest potential.

Think about it. What lifestyle will create the better quality of life. Reacting to health threats and  practicing prevention habits like quitting smoking and going for regular medical checkups or caring for ourselves and structuring our lives to maxamize our potential; mind-body & spirit.

Avoiding sickness and pursing health are very, very different. A good analogy is war and peace. Peace is not just an absense of war . Peace is  thriving, creative, fruitful, secure, joyful, expresive, is so much more than just not war.

Instead of just settling for just not being sick, let’s blow the limit on what health can be. Believing and truly embracing the concept that our health is a holistic expression of what we are changes how we react.

Joy comes from being more deeply engaged in your own life and being your authentic self.

Take a moment and think about what happens to you when you redefine your health as growing into your full potential?

What is Proactive Healthstyle About?

We inspire people to actively engage in living their full potential by creating a healthstyle of daily habits grounded in nurturing ourselves and our families mind, body & spirit.

We fulfill our mission by providing people with mentoring and the tools that support the daily habits that grow great people.

Great people make great communities, and that’s my secret mission…to partner with others and grow great communities.

How do I start in the Proactive Healthstyle Journey?

Download our FREE ebook...The Simple Guide to Great Health. 

This little book is jam-packed with information. It is straight and to the point.

  1. Create a working model of health that supports mind-body-spirit .
  2. Showing how our habits create our healthstyle
  3. Breaking our health habits into there most important categories
  4. Giving proven methods for succesfiully changing habits.
  5. Supporting you to create your individualized health plan.
  6. Defining the needs of the Soul and how they affect our habits. (no religion here!)

Give yourself access to the tools and products that support a proactive healthstyle

None of us are broken, we are all evolving from the place we are now. Enjoy the journey to the beautiful you of all your potential!

Skilling up can be: 

  • gaining knowledge about something you didn’t know before,
  • getting certain tools that you need to advance. The tools can be products your going to use such as essential oils, supplements, whole food, a water filter or joining an exercise program,
  • taking courses to keep leearning as you expand in your own journey.
  • coaching to breakthrough old belief patterns.

Creating a doTERRA accunt for yourself will give you many of the tools you need and signing up for our newsletter is a great way to keep learning!

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'Business Opportunity'
includes the following:

• Delving into Essential Oils (Intro Classes)
• Medicine Cabinet Makeover
• Emotional Aromatherapy
• Travelling with Essential Oils
• Cleaning Green
• Supplements 101
• Cleansing to Reset your Body
• Essential Oils and the Work Place
• Cooking with Essential Oils

'Advanced Classes Series 1'
includes the following:

• Core Health (Gut Health)
• Adrenal Fatigue
• 30 Day Detox Cleanse & Restore
• Pain and Inflammation
• Incredible Bacteria & Essential Oils
• Wilderness First Aid

'Advanced Classes Series 2'
includes the following:

• How Essential Oils Work
• Living Beyond Cancer
• Living Beyond Depression
• Living Beyond Arthritis
• Living Beyond Colds & Flus
• Living Beyond Autoimmune Diseases
• Supplements 201

'Advanced Classes Series 3'
includes the following:

• Detoxify Skin Care
• Natural Beauty
• Balancing Hormones for Women
• Essential Oils for Emergency Preparedness

'Advanced Classes Series 4'
includes the following:

• Natural Weight Loss
• Natural Health for Pregnancy
• Natural Health for Babies
• Natural Health for Kids
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