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Essential Oils for the Natural Life - In Home Classes

Word about Essential Oils is making the rounds and people are sitting up and taking notice. Doterra oils are effective and we are changing the way we embrace health!

What I love is that I can trust Doterra Essential Oils to take care of the majority of things that I run across in the busy life of a family. And every time I use them I know I’m promoting a whole different way of health, true holistic health that leads to the best possible you!

I’m a bit of a hippy at heart but I have my head firmly focused in science. I was getting frustrated with the way our health system functions and I tell you, these essential oils have made all the difference in my world.

Essential Oils are ‘Body, Mind & Spirit’ focused, nature made them that way. With an approach to health and daily habits that keep wholeness as a core principle we all grow in health.

Come and join me for my ‘in-home’ class.

You’ll never know exactly what I’m going to to talk about. The uses for essential oils are countless. We’ll start out with what they are, how to use them and some basic safety. After that it’s a full on explore!

Join me and my friends. We’ll talk oils as we share stories and food. What could be better on a Tuesday night?!

If a Tuesday evening doesn’t work and you’d like to host a class for you and your peeps, give me a call and we’ll set something up.

I am all about getting essential oils into everyone’s home and changing how we do health!

See you soon!



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'Business Opportunity'
includes the following:

• Delving into Essential Oils (Intro Classes)
• Medicine Cabinet Makeover
• Emotional Aromatherapy
• Travelling with Essential Oils
• Cleaning Green
• Supplements 101
• Cleansing to Reset your Body
• Essential Oils and the Work Place
• Cooking with Essential Oils

'Advanced Classes Series 1'
includes the following:

• Core Health (Gut Health)
• Adrenal Fatigue
• 30 Day Detox Cleanse & Restore
• Pain and Inflammation
• Incredible Bacteria & Essential Oils
• Wilderness First Aid

'Advanced Classes Series 2'
includes the following:

• How Essential Oils Work
• Living Beyond Cancer
• Living Beyond Depression
• Living Beyond Arthritis
• Living Beyond Colds & Flus
• Living Beyond Autoimmune Diseases
• Supplements 201

'Advanced Classes Series 3'
includes the following:

• Detoxify Skin Care
• Natural Beauty
• Balancing Hormones for Women
• Essential Oils for Emergency Preparedness

'Advanced Classes Series 4'
includes the following:

• Natural Weight Loss
• Natural Health for Pregnancy
• Natural Health for Babies
• Natural Health for Kids
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