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Advanced Classes

Knowing what your ideal health goals are isn’t enough. You also need knowledge, skills and tools. Creating your ideal proactive healthstyle is a bit of a puzzle. Pieces will fall into place as you learn more. The one thing you do have to do is trust yourself and experiment. In the end you are the highest authority on your own health.

If you’re here I imagine you are already savvy about things like eating clean and whole foods. You aspire to a green life with simplicity when it comes to health.

Well, the truth is living clean and green is simple, but the knowledge base to get you there and keep you there is something you are going to be learning about forever.

I look at each chunk of information like a piece of a big puzzle. The more puzzle pieces I put together the clearer picture I have of how I want my life to look.

The Advanced Classes are a series of BIG puzzle pieces. As you incorporate the knowledge you learn in these classes you’ll naturally find that you know the best decision for the health choices of you and your family. After all, knowledge is power. The power to make great choices.

Wildnerness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

Travelling beyond the boundries of civilization is one of the glories of life. There is nothing like being self-sufficient and trusting yourself to strike out beyond the boundries of the norm. When you're beyond the norm you're also beyond medical help. Understanding how to use essential oils effectively for wilderness situations and situations where there is no doctor will increase your confidence and your ability to push out further than you have before.

Join Lee HIndrichs for this exceptional talk. Lee has spent years travelling, back-packing across countries and sailing in bluewater, far beyond the boundaries of ciivilization. Having been shipwrecked on a tropical island she has a great deal of experience in responding to medical emergencies... where there is no doctor.
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Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Are you frustrated with the standard answer to a health challenge being a drug? You know that every pharmaceutical, no matter how innocent seeming carries side-effects. Those side-effects may be immediate or they could be accumulating over time.

As we get more health conscious we choose healthier solutions to health challenges. In this class we take the basics of essential oils and apply it directly to your medicine cabinet. There is ALWAYS an essential oil to do the job. Are you ready to dump the toxic and take on natural solutions? Register your interest on the right!


Core Health

Gut health is finally making headlines…again. Hippocrates told us 2000 years ago that the gut was the root of disease, but somewhere along the line we lost sight of this truth. In this class you’ll will develop a working understanding of the rich relationships that exist between nutrition, probiotics and the gut. You’ll know why and how gut health impacts every aspect of our health from mood and behaviour to our ability to think to gut issues and auto-immune disorders. Are you ready to make the link between colon cancer, depression, autism, bloating and gut health? Register your interest on the right!


Adrenal Fatigue

Called the epidemic of the 21st century, adrenal fatigue is about far more than feeling like your energy has been sucked out of you. Adrenal fatigue is the result of how we deal with stress. It’s a major cause of disease. Chances are if you’re dealing with any chronic health issues, your adrenal health plays a role in it. In this class we’ll build the foundation for understanding how to listen to your body and how to to use that skill to create a healthstyle that promotes your vitality and life. Are you ready to learn how you can adapt to in ways that don’t let stress rule or ruin your life? Register your interest on the right!


Emotional Aromatherapy

If your IQ influences what kind of job you have your EQ (emotional quotient) determines how you are going to live your life. Emotional Aromatherapy is about getting a healthy handle on your emotions. Curious about why you react the way you do? Are depression or bad behaviours hijacking your life? Our emotions are the stuff of which life is made, understanding how our 3 emotional brains work and how you can work with them let’s get in sync with your emotions. Register your interest on the right!


Managing Pain Naturally

Pain can disrupt our lives in both irritating and agonizing ways. Many of the medications we use to control pain have horrific, addictive side effects. In this class we’ll explore safe, effective essential oil answers to controlling pain and clearing up inflammation. The aim is to get rid of pain altogether so that you can jump back into an active life that gives you joy. Interested in living with pain under control? Register your interest on the right!


Battle of the Bacteria

Bacteria are fascinating organisms, they are constantly evolving and as they evolve we are meeting increasing numbers of antibiotic resistant strains. The World Health Organization and health agencies around the world are warning us that we are losing the battle against disease causing bacteria and to expect new plagues. During the 14th century the Black Death decimated populations. But one segment had a higher survival rate. During that calamity those who worked in perfumery or what today we would call aromatherapy were the most likely to survive the black plaque. Curious about why and how essential oils are so effective in fighting bacteria?Register your interest on the right!


30 Day Detox Cleanse & Restore

Our bodies need a ‘reset’ a couple time a year and learning to do these resets in a way that supports and sustains long-term health is the focus of this class. When we do a cleanse there are a few things we need to ask ourselves. Is my body ready for a cleanse? What am I trying to get rid of? Once I’ve completed the cleanse how do I want to ‘reset’ my entire system. During this class we’ll explore those questions and figure out the best tools for you to use for your unique body and health profile.
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How Essential Oils Work

Since the doTERRA introduced CPTG essential oils to the market place interest in essential oils has sky rocketed. DoTERRA ‘s mission was and is to bring essential oils into medical mainstream. It’s accomplishing its goal! What you might want to know is how do essential oils accomplish all of the incredible things they do. Is it magic or is their some science we can dig into? In this class we’ll look at the science of essential oils. This is a Geek class for those of us who need to have our brains satisfied.
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Living Beyond Cancer

The diagnosis of Cancer happens all to frequently in our modern world. If you yourself haven’t had to deal with it yet the chances are that either a family member or someone you know personally is. In this class we’ll approach cancer from the perspective of creating a healthy body, of supporting wellness and the body’s ability to heal. We’ll leave the radiation, chemo and cutting to the allopathic system. In this class we want to understand what we can do to support wellness.
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Living Beyond Depression

In a world that is so electronically connected we often find ourselves alone and deeply disconnected as we battle ‘the black dog’. Depression. There are times when depression passes through our lives and its appropriate. Other times it drains us of vitality and joy leaving us battling for something that resembles normalcy. In this class we’ll explore essential oils that support you in regaining your emotional equilibrium. Essential oils have a profound effect on the emotional brain, and using essential oils for emotional health just works.
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Living Beyond Arthritis

Arthritis has many starting points depending on the initial cause; inflammation, autoimmune, infection, genetic predisposition. The end result is pain and decreased mobility. Arthritis affects a huge percentage of the population. Learning to support the body’s wellness can help you to manage the impact of arthritis. In this class we’ll look at differing causes of arthritis and differing essential oil applications and supplementation to respond to arthritis.
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Living Beyond Cold and Flu

Those pesky bacteria and viruses can bring you down with a wallop! Are seasonal colds and flu’s robbing you? Do you run out of sick days each year to care for kids or a spouse? Does a cold hit you every time you finally relax for a holiday? If colds and flues have you in their grip, its time for you to get the low down for living a life of wellness. Join the class and discover the tools that will keep you on your feet and keep the bugs away!
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Living Beyond Autoimmune Diseases

Did you know that 85% of our immunity begins in the gut? If you are suffering with an autoimmune disorder from MS to arthritis, from Crohn’s to lupus this is the class that will change your life. Join me to gather the wisdom of the gut and put it to use in your life. Register your interest on the right!

supplements 201

Supplements 201

Supplementation is a difficult subject. Is it good for you or not? Depending on which studies you read the answer can be all over the map. In this class we’ll look at the 3 great advances that have been made in the world of supplementation and then we’ll explore a daily supplementation régime that supports ongoing wellness.
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Detoxify Skin Care

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs what we put on it. So just what are we putting on our skin and on the skin of our loved ones. What chemicals lurk in those colorful packages we get so attracted to? What cancer causing agents are in my laundry detergent, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, soap, sunscreen, makeup etc. Treating our body like a temple begins with putting good things into and on it. In this class we’ll get a handle on what to put on our bodies and what to put right out of our home!
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Natural Beauty

They say beauty is only skin-deep but that’s not really true. Beauty starts with a healthy body and continues with good skin care régime. We’ll look at beauty from the inside out. We’ll discover exercises to keep your skin looking fuller and softer as well as choose products that support healthy skin.
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Balancing Hormones for Women

As we age our hormones go through some hot shifts. Those shifting hormone can give us more than just hot flashes. We may lose our libido along with our bladder control. Hormonal balance in women (and men) has become an epidemic in our time. In this class we’ll focus in on women’s hormones. How to balance them and become mindful of when we’re losing that balance we experiment with some wonderful oils and supplements that can help us balance our hormones as well as look at specific foods that support a healthy body for long term vitality.
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Essential Oils for Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared for a natural disaster? Preparedness is something that happens before the event and having a basic essential oil selection in your grab and go kit will make a profound difference. Lee has spent years involved in emergency preparedness programs and has a lot of knowledge to share on what to expect and how to prepare. This is a class that you’ll want to repeat more than once!
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Natural Weight Loss 

Do you step on the scales and wince? I know that feeling only too well. Weight loss isn’t about dieting though. The secret behind permanent weight loss is developing the habits that support a healthstyle. In this class we’ll look at forming habits that support your healthy weight. We’ll discover tools, both emotionally and physically, that bring you closer to your body’s ideal.
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Natural Health for Pregnancy

The health of your baby begins well before pregnancy. Preparing your body for pregnancy and then supporting it throughout is going to give your baby the best start. If you would like to have this class before you get pregnant please message me. This is a class I love to give to new Mom’s and new Moms to be.
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Natural Health for Babies

Have you ever looked up ‘natural’ baby products on the ‘Think Dirty’ app? Were you shocked to see hormone disrupters and neurotransmitters disrupters in the chemical make-up? Our babies are precious and so, so vulnerable. As a Mom you want to make sure that they are being supported for the best possible health. In this class we’ll create a few baby products with speed and ease so that you can be confident of what your putting on your baby. After all is there anything better than ‘made by mom’? We’ll also look at some essential oils for responding to challenges that come up for babies. Things like weird rashes, colicky tummies and more.
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Natural Health for Kids

Kids are my superheroes. They have such a natural attraction to essential oils. Its like their bodies still know what they need. In this class we’ll go over a lot of childhood challenges and look at essential oils that you can respond with. We’ll also learn how to empower our kids to be conscious of their own health and to trust themselves to reach for the essential oils that support them in safe ways. Imagine growing up learning to listen to your body and to your own innate wisdom. WOW!
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Wildnerness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

The world beyond boundaries feeds the soul in ways that civilized life never can. Self-sufficiency is the hallmark of the traveler and explorer including the ability to take care of any health issues encountered. Essential Oils are a brilliant travel companion; they travel easily, don’t expire and take up very little room. And their effectiveness is unparalleled. This is the type of medicine that one can travel with confidence. Lee’s background in travelling to the ends of the earth brings a brilliant light to this topic. If you are interested for this singular webinar.
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The Problem of Pain.

Pain is the voice of the body when something is wrong. It’s a messenger. Yet we usually shot (or treat) the messenger without taking a closer look at what the underlying cause is. We do a double disservice to ourselves, we ignore the problem and we dose the body with some very toxic pharmaceuticals. Did you know that Tylenol is the 3rd leading cause of liver disease? There is a better way. In this class we’ll zoom in on the problem of pain and learn how to understand it’s message and we’ll look at natural safe ways to address it with CPTG essential oils, healthstyle and supplements. Register your interest on the right!

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'Business Opportunity'
includes the following:

• Delving into Essential Oils (Intro Classes)
• Medicine Cabinet Makeover
• Emotional Aromatherapy
• Travelling with Essential Oils
• Cleaning Green
• Supplements 101
• Cleansing to Reset your Body
• Essential Oils and the Work Place
• Cooking with Essential Oils

'Advanced Classes Series 1'
includes the following:

• Core Health (Gut Health)
• Adrenal Fatigue
• 30 Day Detox Cleanse & Restore
• Pain and Inflammation
• Incredible Bacteria & Essential Oils
• Wilderness First Aid

'Advanced Classes Series 2'
includes the following:

• How Essential Oils Work
• Living Beyond Cancer
• Living Beyond Depression
• Living Beyond Arthritis
• Living Beyond Colds & Flus
• Living Beyond Autoimmune Diseases
• Supplements 201

'Advanced Classes Series 3'
includes the following:

• Detoxify Skin Care
• Natural Beauty
• Balancing Hormones for Women
• Essential Oils for Emergency Preparedness

'Advanced Classes Series 4'
includes the following:

• Natural Weight Loss
• Natural Health for Pregnancy
• Natural Health for Babies
• Natural Health for Kids
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