The Problem of Pain


The Problem of Pain

Welcome to the 7th talk in our series of 8.

Pain is something we all deal with at some point in our lives. The nature of pain ranges from a bit of bruising to the mind-numbing pain of nerve damage. Pain can be acute or chronic pain and everything in between. The one unifying quality of pain is that it disrubts our enjoyment of life.

Chronic pain can change our personality and affect our relationship with our loved ones. 

Pain disrupts the quality of life we enjoy and impacts our ability to participate in the activities that give meaning nd purpose to our lives.

There are many ways to deal with pain. Understanding the why of pain will give you a better understanding of how to deal with it. Differing types of pain are sending the body different messages and the first step in managing pain is understanding its nature. With that information we can begin to discover effective ways ofmanaging our pain.

In this exploratory class we'll pull out essential oils known for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. We'll also look to essential oils for the emotional component of ongoing pain. 

There is hope.

Wether you are wanting to deal with bumps and bruises or the debilitating pain of something more serious there is an oil for it...lets learn how to use them! 

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